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Supporting Wildfire Prevention With Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo

One of the key components for any successful outreach and awareness campaign is collaboration. MySafe:LA is working to support Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo (District 40) in the fight against wildfire.

Our team has met with the Assemblywoman’s team and Ms. Schiavo directly, and we’ve covered the risks and needs of people living in District 40 within Los Angeles County. Much of District 40 is located within the Very High Fire Severity Zone, and as such, reaching her constitutional membership is an important part of her local governance.

The first step was to create a live “Town Hall” presentation. Working with Ms. Schiavio’s staff, we developed an agenda for a Saturday event that would include a variety of presentations, ranging from the California Highway Patrol to local fire companies to MySafe:LA.

The Town Hall was held on June 10th, and a wide array of local residents showed up. MySafe:LA members handed out informational brochures, answered questions, and spent time with local homeowners to discuss the value of being prepared. MySafe:LA Commander David Barrett delivered a detailed presentation on the risks related to wildfire within the canyons of L.A. County, and Ms. Schiavo spoke as well.

We’re working on the next step, and as soon as we have a date for our next activity – likely a wildfire safety fair, you’ll learn about it here! Stay tuned.

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