Wildfire Los Angeles

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MySafe:LA has a wonderful team that supports our non-profit, public safety initiatives. Our ability to reach the public would not be as complete as it is without their dedicated engagement. 

MySafe:LA Photographers

David Barrett
Cameron Barrett
Amy Hernandez
Chris Nevil
Mike Meadows
Greg Doyle
Brandy Carlos
Rick McClure
Steve Whitby
Joe Fanasalle
Chris Hatounian

A number of our photographers are dedicated to  capturing the impact of fire on communities. Many are award-winners. All are part of a terrific team. 


MySafe:LA Film Unit

Cameron Barrett
David Barrett
Terry Sanders
Steven Reyes
Greg Vander Velde
Luis Fierro
Casey Goode
Jessica Svendsgaard
Cara Meyers
Todd Leitz
William Whitney
Eric Peniata

Terry Sanders is a two-time Academy-Award winning filmmaker and producer. The majority of our film unit is award-winning, known for their professional quality in specific roles (videography, voice over, etc.), and each individual plays an important role in our production process. 


MySafe:LA Internet Technology Unit

David Barrett
DuRand Jones
Chris Casale
Darion Daniels
Rena Dimes
Brad Yeager

Our Internet Technology members are known for a variety of skills, from database development to iOS and iPadOS applications creation. Our IT folks keep our website evolving and they are responsible for the look, feel, and content of all Safe Community Project websites.

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