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Pulling people together to prepare against wildfire

This past Saturday, MySafe:LA produced and hosted a wildfire safety fair in Sylmar, California. This community faced near-total devastation during the 2007 Sayre Fire, with Oakridge Mobile Home Park suffering the loss of 489 out of 600 homes. MySafe:LA’s collaborative efforts with our partners are focused on reducing the potential

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It’s gonna be hot. And dangerous.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you. What was a cold, wet, and blustery winter and early spring is now becoming a very hot, dry, and dangerous scenario. As these conditions continue to evolve, the threat of wildfire in Los Angeles County continues to rise. Now is the time to take

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Those Nasty Yellow Wildflowers

They’re lovely to look at. They grow and spread faster than the wildest weed. They can cover an entire hillside in less than a week. I’m talking about Brassica Nigra, or more commonly called Black Mustard. You can use the seeds to make mustard. The plant is edible. It’s also

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An Emphasis on Training

With years of experience behind us, our course development and technology subject matter experts provide our organization with a unique blend of active fire service engagement, forward-looking understanding of technology, and award-winning product producers.  We’re often asked what makes working with our organization different, and the most direct answer is:

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Operational Plans for Safer Communities

The Safe Community Project dedicates a few days every year to focus on the open issues, gaps, and needs of the greater Los Angeles and Riverside communities regarding a combination of wildfire, house fires, earthquakes, and other disasters. Additionally, our training and film unit spends equal time evaluating the best

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When People Die in Fires

In 2014, nine people died in house fires in the City of Los Angeles in just the first 90 days of the year. Interim LAFD Fire Chief James Featherstone and MySafe:LA Executive Director David Barrett collaborated on the development of a plan to engage residents in the immediate area surrounding

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CAL OES Supports Safe Community Project Wildfire Efforts

The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, known as CAL OES, has delivered a wildfire readiness trailer as part of a grant to the Safe Community Project. The trailer, which when outfitted will include all of the tools, materials, and work materials to support our efforts in wildfire mitigation.  The trailer

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Creating Safer Homes for Older Adults

The Safe Community Project’s L.A. Division, MySafe:LA is adding a new initiative to its community risk reduction initiatives. Focusing on older adults who live independently, MySafe:LA will inspect homes, install FREE ten-year sealed smoke alarms, and provide specific educational materials aimed at keeping older adults safe.  Older adults living on

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Wildfire Safety In Lower Income Communities

There are several neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area that are classified as “high-value” areas, where homes are worth millions of dollars. These areas have narrow, winding roads that can make it difficult for firefighters to access them in case of a wildfire. Additionally, the excessive growth of vegetation

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California Assembly Hearing on Insurance

The Safe Community Project participated in a State Assembly hearing on wildfire insurance conducted in Pasadena California on December 13, 2023. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara delivered a presentation during which he laid out the department’s plans for supporting the improvement of wildfire insurance in the state.  According to Commissioner Lara,

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Brentwood Wildfire Safety Fair

As a component of our wildfire community risk reduction efforts, our L.A. Division, MySafe:LA produced a wildfire safety fair in collaboration with the Brentwood Homeowner’s Association and the Los Angeles City Fire Department.  Engaging people who don’t understand the current risks that wildfire may have on their community is a

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Wildfire Safety Fair in Brentwood

Following a series of meetings with area homeowners, MySafe:LA partnered with the Brentwood Homeowner’s Association, multiple other HOAs, as well as first responders and safety vendors to develop and present the first Wildfire Safety Fair on the west side for 2023. The event was hosted at The Brentwood School and drew an audience of several

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