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Get Set

Before a wildfire tears through your street, it’s important that you be ready to take appropriate action. That means you need to “get set” to shelter in place safety, or to evacuate in a timely manner.

Getting SET is easy!

There are essentially three key factors to being “set” in advance of a wildfire. These include:


Have the “Wildfire Plan” you created when getting ready with you – so you’ll be set.


Having your emergency supply kit for every person and pet in your family in your vehicle.


Being signed up with the proper notifications systems, so if you need to take action, you’ll be set.

Wildfire Weather

When the sky clouds over, we tend to prepare for rain. No matter where we live, getting our umbrella, raincoat, and wet weather preparations is a natural thing to do. The same thing is true for the potential of a wildfire.

If you wake up or come home and the air feels dry (low humidity), if the wind is blowing (even a bit), and/or there’s a chance of lightning, but no rain, consider that wildfire weather. MySafe:LA suggests that you treat even two out of three of these conditions as a silent “alert” to get set:

Check the list!

There are occasions when having a check list can make the difference between success and failure. There are so many things to consider when a wildfire occurs nearby, so having a list can be essential. Don’t try to remember everything – use a list to determine if you’re ready for the next step – to GO if told to do so.

House, Vehicle, Family, Pets

There are some basic steps to take when getting ready for wildfire. These include:

  • Review and check off the items on the wildfire checklist (on this page)
  • Make certain there aren’t (flammable) items stacked up against your home
  • Gather your emergency GO kit contents and related supplies
  • Make certain you have pet supplies, a crate, pet food, and pet toys
  • Make certain your vehicle is filled with fuel and is parked facing the street
  • Turn on your radio or smart device to local media

Practice, practice, practice

If it turns out there is no fire threat to your home and those of your neighbors, the steps you’ve taken to be ready should be considered a drill. Practice is an essential part of any winning formula, and going through the routine of preparing your family, pets, and property is a good method of ensuring you will know what to do when a wildfire does impact your community. 

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