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Pulling people together to prepare against wildfire

This past Saturday, MySafe:LA produced and hosted a wildfire safety fair in Sylmar, California. This community faced near-total devastation during the 2007 Sayre Fire, with Oakridge Mobile Home Park suffering the loss of 489 out of 600 homes. MySafe:LA’s collaborative efforts with our partners are focused on reducing the potential for loss in the event of a future Sayre Fire. While this is undeniably a challenging endeavor, our dedicated team is unwavering in our commitment to achieving this important goal.

The wildfire safety fairs are meticulously planned events that are designed to actively engage and empower the community while shedding light on the potential risks associated with wildfires. It’s not uncommon for numerous homeowners to overlook the looming threat of wildfires, often assuming that the fire department will single-handedly safeguard their homes and properties. However, in today’s intricate social and cultural landscape, this assumption no longer holds true. It’s imperative to carefully contemplate whether the fire department possesses the necessary resources and skilled personnel to effectively combat a swiftly spreading, wind-propelled wildfire.

MySafe:LA has already hosted successful wildfire awareness events. This particular event was tailored for a community with limited financial resources, aiming to involve residents in finding solutions. We showcased various home-hardening materials and had multiple vendors offering these materials at the event. We also offered a wide range of prizes, including fire extinguishers, mobile power supplies, survival kits, evacuation kits, and medical kits.

We forged strong partnerships with a diverse range of organizations, all of whom enthusiastically participated in our event. Notable contributors included the Los Angeles City Fire Department, which brought one of the five Type 3 wildland CalOES rigs on loan to the city, the office of State Assembly member Luz Rivas, local L.A. councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, the L.A. Emergency Management Department, CERT, the Sylmar Neighborhood Council, and the California Department of Insurance. Our audience had the invaluable opportunity to engage with these representatives, all of whom are integral to Sylmar’s resilience and potential survival in the face of future fast-moving wildfires.

MySafe:LA, in addition to our overall wildfire mitigation and prevention activities, is producing a series of wildfire safety fairs. Each one is designed to reach an at-risk community and, in many cases, residents without access to the financial footing that properly hardening a home entails. Our next wildfire safety event will take place on July 14th at the famous Greek Theater in Hollywood. We’re continuing our partnership with the LAFD, EMD, CERT, as well as Council District 4 and multiple home hardening vendors. If scheduling works out, we’d like to see our local CAL FIRE rep join us, as well as other area first responder agencies. 

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