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A wildfire app that can inform you of any approaching wildfire

One of the major concerns in the Very High Fire Severity Zone (VHFSZ) is the lack of notification about approaching wildfires or the ability to evacuate. MySafe:LA has provided some important advice on this issue, including having an emergency radio, paying attention to “fire weather” like you would to “rain weather,” and signing up for alert notifications. There is now a new free software solution available to help residents in wildland-urban areas, which could be very valuable.

“Watch Duty” is a smartphone app designed to provide real-time information about wildfires. Here are some benefits of using the app:

  1. Real-Time Alerts: The app offers immediate notifications about wildfire activities, helping users stay informed and safe.
  2. Crowdsourced Information: Watch Duty leverages information from a network of volunteers, local authorities, and on-the-ground reports to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  3. Interactive Map: Users can view active fires on an interactive map, which includes details about the fire’s location, size, and containment status.
  4. Safety Tips and Resources: The app provides safety tips and resources to help users prepare for and respond to wildfire threats.
  5. Community Engagement: It encourages community engagement and collaboration by allowing users to share information and updates.
  6. Customizable Notifications: Users can customize notifications based on their location and preferences, ensuring they receive relevant updates.
  7. Multimedia Updates: The app supports multimedia updates, including photos and videos, to provide a more comprehensive view of the situation.
  8. Historical Data: Users can access historical data on past wildfires, which can help them understand patterns and risks in their area.
  9. No Cost: The app is free to download and use, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Some advanced capabilities are available for a $25.00 annual fee. 

These features make “Watch Duty” valuable for individuals living in wildfire-prone areas. It offers crucial information to stay safe and prepared. Watch Duty is available for Android, Apple iOS, and modern web browsers. https://www.watchduty.org/

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