Wildfire Los Angeles

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Establishing Risk

Determining the risk to your property and structure is often near the top of the list when creating a more resilient homestead.

Have you ever had a wildfire risk assessment conducted of your home and property? If you’re going to consider taking action relative to hardening your home, defending the property your home is on, and becoming part of either a Fire Safe Council or an NFPA Firewise USA site, it’s important that you consider a home risk assessment. This is the first step in determining what you may need to do in order to comply not only with State regulations, but to qualify for potential insurance discounts. 

A risk assessment will typically take approximately 90 minutes to complete, and covers the following key issues:

  • Identify the fire hazards in and around your home
  • Identify people at risk who live on the property
  • Evaluate, discuss removal and reduction of wildfire risks
  • Record the threat findings, prepare an emergency plan and deliver training

Once the risk assessment has been completed, you will then be able to move forward with the specific tasks that will improve the resilience of your property. Note that it’s important to conduct a risk assessment every year.

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