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November Fire Safe Council Meeting

The November Los Angeles Fire Safe Council meeting was a terrific success, and was well attended by people from across Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles City Fire Department Deputy Chief Trevor Richmond gave an enthusiastic overview of the Wildfire Alliance, and shared the importance of the work MySafe:LA and the LAFD are doing to reduce the threat from wildfire. The key, as Chief Richmond noted, “is that we localize each HOA’s wildfire plan, so they know we’re working to help their specific community.” The vegetation and other factors varies from area to area within the greater L.A. footprint, so working to ensure each community is uniquely assisted is one of our core objectives.

The history component for the meeting involved the November 1961 Bel Air Fire. MySafe:LA Commander David Barrett provided not only background on the fire, the results including many new laws and policies – but also a terrific story about then firefighter Frank Borden and his experiences during that fire. 

The L.A. Fire Safe Council is designed to share awareness, education, and to assist communities in becoming more prepared, including as an NFPA Firewise USA site, or a California Fire Safe Council. There can be many such entities within the boundaries of the county.

The next L.A. Fire Safe Council meeting will take place on December 15, 2022, starting at 7PM. See the Wildfire LA home page for additional information. Or, write us at info@mysafela.org

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