Wildfire Los Angeles

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Learning about wildfire

Knowledge is Power

Understanding wildfire is an ever changing and complex topic. Not only are there two primary types of wildfire activity (terrain driven and wind driven), but understanding how weather, fuels, time of day, climate change, air quality, living conditions, road conditions, responder capabilities, etc. impact these fires is potentially a life long educational process. 

MySafe:LA will continue to add educational content and downloadable materials to assist you in gaining a better understanding of wildfire and how it may affect you, your neighborhood, and your home. 

L.A. City Fire Brush Fire Code Infographic

Learn about the L.A. City Fire Brush Fire Code. It’s fairly easy overall, but there a number of factors that might affect your specific home and property. Download our PDF to get the information you may need. 

California Burns: The Book!

A great place to start is to acquire the California Burns, Volume One book. This interactive eBook includes a wealth of information on Southern California wildfires specifically. It’s a great place to get started with wildfire awareness.

The Wildfire Alliance Workbook

When you become a member of the Wildfire Alliance, your HOA or alliance “group” will be given a workbook to complete. This is an activities book that will aid you in developing an NFPA Firewise USA site (eligible for insurance discounts), or even a California Fire Safe Council.

To learn more about the workbook, you may download a sample here:


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us: info@mysafela.org

First Responder Family Status Notification

Let first responders know if you’re in the home, or if you’ve evacuated, Post the completed evacuation card in a window facing the street so it can easily be seen. If you download this file, please print it on cardstock, so it’s easy to write on, and easy to tape or mount to a window. 

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